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Welcome to the Hen House.

Welcome to Chicken Boots and website! 

Yes we did have an Etsy site. But we aren't spending much time over there lately since we're having far more fun over here now!

If you're new to Chicken Boots, you've found the best made accessories for knitters and crocheters around-seriously! Just about all of our products feature a unique stiffener that provides protection to your tools while still being light and washable. Function is at the forefront of everything we make! And we're not shy about updating a design to reflect this...constant improvement to either our construction or the design enables us to bring the best product while still making it possible to sew it here in the U.S. Thanks for stopping by the hen house!

And...Don't forget your Boots!

Quilting My Day Job
January 14, 2014

My grandmother was/is a quilter. She was even in a book when I was in high school. I remember how proud she was and how impressed I was! It was inspiring. She knew I liked to sew and also knew...

Things are humming along...
April 24, 2013

 The post-show season has begun! It is a nice time to reflect on our designs and make the improvements we think best. We also work on new designs that our customers have requested all Fall and Winter. The most instant-gratification...

Happy Birthday, Mom!
February 22, 2013

  Today is so special since it's my mom's birthday. Someone who means more to me than I ever express (not being a mushy person myself); my mom is more of an influence on me than even she probably knows!...

How can a seamstress know what a knitter needs?
February 10, 2013

Because we knit!  And boy do we ever. We are just as obsessed with our knitting and crocheting as our customers. We eagerly anticipate our magazine subscriptions, look for small chunks of time to escape to the local yarn store,...