*Diagon Alley*

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**This is the last of them! No more will be sewn or added to the website. Thank you for all the love and support!**

Welcome Harry Potter fan. All Houses and Muggles are welcome! 

Books or Movies? Muggle or Witch/Wizard? Dark Magic or Light? Nargals or Snorkacks? Brooms or Apparition?  House elf or magical spells? We have all the questions and you hold the answers. Long Live Hogwarts!**

 Check out these other magic inspired items:

Washi Tape: We still have some magical washi tape from last year! Check here!

 Zipper Pulls:  Specially made zipper pulls for each fabric by A Needle Runs Through It. A special one will be on all the Notions Cases and Notions Wedgies. Extras will be sold individually. Right Here. Note that at the time of photographs we may not have had the correct zipper pull that we will be sending on your Notions Case or Notions Wedgie but you can purchase the one in the picture. $1.50

 For a description of our usual products try one of these links.: 

Stitch Marker Pouch  $12, Notions Case $20, Clear Wristlet $30, Notions Wedgie $24, Double Double $42

  *A note on pricing: Harry Potter fabrics are custom printed and cost four times more than most of the fabrics in our usual lineup. We only increase what we have to in order to offset this difference. We even use a year's worth of our commission we earn on our Knit Print to help pay for these fabrics. :) In the case of the Charm Keeper and Sprinter these are both all fabric. Fabric costs a lot more than the vinyl we use.


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