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Throwback Fabric Sale! (All sales final on these beauties). All first quality! We like to finish out fabrics that are getting low. And reward you with 25% off!

If you don't see an item- it is already gone. Sorry! There are limited quantities of some items. Once they're gone in these fabrics- they are gone for good (or bad).

**Just a few notes about the items that may need explaining (all other items are in our product line and most have a link to their product description at the bottom here):


These Sprinters have been modified. We found a design flaw with the handle sewn to the vinyl-this is too great of a stress point for the vinyl with cargo in the bag. We were already in production when we discovered this design flaw- a first for us! We stopped production until we could decide how best to move forward.

For the Sprinters that were already sewn, we had two choices: throw them away or try to fix them. But finding a satisfactory fix has been tough. I needed to move the stress point away from the vinyl- just patching the vinyl to reinforce it would not work. I recently tried shifting all the pressure to the fabric side of the bag and this seems to be the stop-gap solution for this small amount of inventory. The handle is looped more on to the fabric side. It kills me to throw things in the landfill. But I am the first to admit this isn't the most elegant long term solution. Please purchase this bag knowing this little background. And thanks!

If you need information or want to see reviews about any of these items check out their usual product pages here:

Accordion * Notions Case * DPN Case * Clear Wristlet * Double Double * Pattern Holder * Interchangeable Case Single * Interchangeable Case Double * Project Bag * Pumpkin Pouch

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