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Please read! All sales are final. I'm not in the business of selling materials so bear with me. I may also need different shipping supplies.  None of the materials listed are above what I paid. Most are less.

Shipping will take a little longer than usual and I will NOT be shipping March 18th - 21st. I will be shipping 14- 16th and after the 22nd. Thanks.

Fabric is heavy. It is just the cost of doing business. Trust me, I've paid my fair share of it. ;) I am covering the cost of shipping materials. I do not add to my rates.

I will refund excess shipping charges. 


All of these fabrics were printed by Spoonflower- and a large number of them are no longer available for sale on there. Read each title carefully.

Poplin is roughly 44" wide  and Twill is roughly 54" wide (this is the overall fabric width but probably the usable width is smaller due to the printing nature of Spoonflower).

All of the Harry Potter is one place so read the title carefully- there are By the Yard, Cut Pieces, Scrap Bags and more.

I did not list the designer of each fabric- however the Journal Artifacts and Phoenix prints were designed by me. The Journal print inside the scrap bags was also designed by me.

Bias is HAND CUT and I know there are at least a few yards or more on each.

Scrap Bags are very scrappy but priced far less than the pounds equivalence to yardage.

The Luna Panel was hand cut from yardage. There wasn't really seam allowance built in to this print. It is just how it is. I used it to make a bag flap. I wanted it in our last year of Harry Potter and by the time I went to order it was one of the many that had been removed. Sad Face.

Long live Hogwarts!

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