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We reply to ALL emails within a day during normal business hours Monday through Friday. If you haven't heard from us check your spam folder.

Sometimes our Order and Shipping Confirmations land in your spam email box- more often than you think :)

We prefer email for all questions, requests, complaints and compliments because it's easy to miss comments and questions on social media. For the best and most prompt customer service, please email us! And please consider leaving a review for the items you bought (located on their Product Page).

If you are looking for a donation please read the section at the bottom of this page. 

You may find the answer to your question here. Otherwise you can contact us at the following email address:


Wholesale: We LOVE the LYS. But we are currently not accepting any new wholesale accounts. We apologize for this! We may be up for a trunk show if that is appealing to you.

About Us

Why Chicken Boots?

     All of our products are made on site in our Chico, California based shop. We are dedicated to keeping Chicken Boots made in the United States. Founder Saremy Duffy has a very strong background in the apparel and outerwear industry as a designer and pattern drafter. Her love of knitting and sewing comes together at Chicken Boots. After many years of helping others with their own designs, Saremy now uses her skills to bring her own designs to the market.

But we bet you really only wanted to learn: why the name Chicken Boots? The Duffy's call their boots that are worn to take care of chicken chores their 'chicken boots'. Their daughter was five when she coined the term and it stuck.

Don't forget your Boots!

    Our workshop and mailing address is:
    Chicken Boots, 2889 Cohasset Rd Ste 3, Chico CA 95973
    Email: Hens@ChickenBootsUSA.com

    Thanks for stopping by the hen house!

    For those seeking donations...

    Hi! We are pleased you want to include us in your event! We love retreats, charity events, blogs, knit-a-longs, and all things fiber crafty!

    We look at this industry as a community and we are there to support each other, right? RIGHT! If you are needing a donation, door prize, or goodie bag item we are happy to help out! However, we only offer wholesale pricing for these items-nothing free. Because it's a community! And we are supporting each other! And I am the last person who wants to give something away that isn't something someone actually wants. (We do not have cheap things with our logo made just to have something to give away-it's just not our style.) We like to give people items that reflect our product line and what we are all about here in this busy workshop.

    So- please! Ask away but bear in mind we will ONLY reply if you are succinct, specific, have a legitimate reason to order a few items wholesale from us for your event, and love all things fiber crafty like us! (We think the Stitch Marker Pouch or Notions Case are excellent options! They are affordable and useful!) And no we won't ship it for free but we'll try to promote your event for you if you give us neat and tidy details.

    Please don't think we're mean- we're just BUSY and in business! And we're supporting each other right? And we already donate and support many causes that we find important to the crafting, women in business or domestic manufacturing efforts. If you're charging for your event, include the price of your goodies you're about to give away and support those wonderful people making this industry so much fun! I know I only want to get things that supported the person who made them. And we know you do too! Have a great event!

    ~Head Hen