Welcome to the Hen House.

With a wide range of bags and organizational accessories we have what you need for your knitting, crocheting, stitching and other crafty pleasures.

Our commitment to making our products here in the United States runs deep. As does our commitment to making the best possible product for the intended use. Functionality is at the heart of our designs while still making it possible to construct our products here and keeping them affordable. 

All our items are washable and feature unique materials that make them last longer and hold up with use. Our stiffener and vinyl are both made using the highest quality materials and we searched long and hard for them. We continually source the best findings (most of which are made in the United States), streamline sewing practices, pay attention to our environmental impact, and ship everything lickity split!

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Don't forget your 'Boots!

~Saremy & Rayann