Horn Tooting

Saremy Duffy has been lucky to chat with some amazing fiber folk in this industry. 

***Interview by Sonia Ruyts of Stash Local. Jan 2017

The path Saremy took to here, a bit on how the design and pattern process works in the fashion and outer wear industries, and why she started Chicken Boots. Favorite books, crafting together, loving the process and all the other things that bring us together.
Stash Podcast

***Interview by Ashley Yousling on Woolful

Learn how Saremy came about to where she is now starting in the fashion industry, working on a farm, learning to knit, and starting Chicken Boots. June 2016

***Interview by Ysolda Teague

Q & A with Ysolda about many of the things that keep things going around here and why we do them. March 2014
Saremy of Chicken Boots

***Video Interview by Veronika Jobe of YOTH Yarns

A fun interactive chat with the wonderful person behind YOTH yarns about all sorts of process and design things. May 2013
YOTH Yarns

***Designer in Sew Red by Laura Zander (project: Jewelry Case)

This was a great opportunity to be a part of a wonderful cause bringing attention to a serious and common disease amongst women. February 2013