Egg Crates

What's this??? Are we jumping on the hay wagon?

Yes we are!! And we're so excited!

We have too many ideas, are inspired by too many fabrics and crafts people to not share some unique and limited items with YOU! 

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We will announce the latest Egg Crate via our Egg Crate specific Newsletter and then later on social media. There will be no commitment to buy the next month.

One purchase = one delivery.

We will reveal the items that we here at Chicken Boots will be including so you can see exactly what the main items will be. The collaborative, limited edition, specially made for us, non Chicken Boots items will be a mystery not revealed until a week after shipments are made. Occasionally we'll offer extra items to Egg Crate newsletter subscribers.

Each Egg Crate will come with handmade items from us that you have never seen before. (We're going to knock your socks off!) We'll also be teaming up with other craftspeople for limited items that go with each theme. Mostly these will NOT be craft specific or craft oriented as an end use but occasionally we might include some craftable items. 

Egg Crates will be enjoyable by all- not just the crafty! It will make a great gift!!



January: Kitty Collectors! (Neko Atsume) *Confirmed Theme*

January Egg Crates got either/both our Wallaby Tote and Wallet made by Chicken Boots. The mystery items were Japanese official Neko Atsume washi tape (only with the Head Hen level)in one of nine designs, custom note pads made by us in one of three designs, custom pins by A Needle Runs Through It in of four designs, and custom decals by LeTanuki in one of ten designs and many colors. 

March: Succulents *Confirmed Theme*

March Egg Crates got either/both our Garden Tote and Apron made by Chicken Boots. The mystery items were custom made iron hooks by MANmadeMetal in one of three designs, an adorable one-of-a-kind sticker by Migration Dry Goods, and an amazing bobby pin by IvannaFlorist in one of three colors.

May: It's our Birthday!/Travel /These are a few of our favorite things 

We pulled out all the stops to make the best travel bag you could use! It came with a Sewing Kit, two containers for liquids, first aid kit, Mint Tea for travel tummy, a stamp to send us a postcard from your travels and our main mystery goodie was a pin to wear on YOUR birthday made by A Needle Runs Through It!

July: Beastly Magic (Accio!) 

See the Egg Crate product listing for details here.

September: Let's get ready to craft! *Confirmed Theme*

November: Dogs/Pupcakes/Canines/Puppy Love *Confirmed Theme*

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