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Return Policy

Find our Return Policy Here.


We are offering a rewards program for all you lovelies! And we just made the Rewards even better!

Here's the deal: If you create an account, it will walk you through the different tiers. Or just click the Chicken Boots Rewards button at the bottom center of any page to see it at a glance. If you're logged in to your account, your rewards will show.

Our rewards are called Eggs. For every dollar you spend, you gather 10 Eggs. $1 = 10 Eggs. (Shipping and tax are excluded).

Important notes:

**All New accounts are credited with 500 Eggs. Yay! That's $50 towards your first tier.
**Make a note of the email address you use for your account!! (The more we are contacted about checking accounts, combining orders, and other hands on tasks the more work it is for us and we are a very small and busy crew.)
**Please check to see if you have an account before contacting us-we cannot create an account for you-don't forget to tell us the name you made purchases under if you do need to contacts us. And please do so by email (not social media) so we see it!

**We do not benefit one bit from you having an account. People can opt in to marketing (our newsletters) with or without an account. (This isn't a sneaky way to get you to create an account).
** We will ONLY be retroactively giving Eggs for past purchases until October 7, 2015. Please be sure to log in when placing your order.
**Eggs don't expire at this time- and probably won't ever. And this program does NOT reset at the calendar year- you can take as long as you like to accrue your Eggs. :)

    Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy this rewards program as much as we did putting it together! We plan to have some fun with it!

    xo Saremy 


    If you ever see an issue with the information in your account or need to update it you can do so for everything except your email address. Email us to update this until we can figure out how you can do it on your own. 

     Discount Codes

    If you have a Discount Code to use during checkout and want to pay with Paypal, do NOT use Express Checkout. Click the Checkout button and you will get a Discount Code box and you can still checkout with Paypal in the Payment window.

    Editing your Information

    To edit your name or address or add your Birthday Month use the below steps. If you want to change a Billing address you can do so during the checkout process.

    Click the teal box at the bottom of any page on our website. Look below all the text in that box for the TINY Log In.

    First Log In:

    To Add your Birthday Month:


    Ok so you're all set! Unless you need to change your email (then let us know) or your billing address (which can be done during checkout).