Sewing & Cutting Videos

We frequently share videos of products in process on our Instagram feed but sometimes we know you want MORE! Or a place to see them all and possibly the full length version.

We love sharing our techniques and learning from others too! Remember- we had to figure it out once too and we spend hours and hours and hours and hours doing the same task over and over. We may make it look 'easy' but it's just a practiced step to us now. And EVERY single day we make multiple mistakes- even the 'dumb' ones.


Frequently Asked Questions:

*We use Industrial Juki Single Needle Machines (they aren't vintage or old but industrial and amazing!)

*The little tool I'm holding to finish binding is just an awl by Clover.  I use it like a pointy accurate finger.

*The machine attaching binding in one step is the same type of machine we use to sew everything but a separate stand alone machine with a binding attachment. Our attachment is made for the width we like. We use 1.375" cut bias and like it to finish double folded at approximately 3/8".  They come in plenty of other widths and styles of binding!

Attaching Binding (to a wallet) from ChickenBoots on Vimeo.


Finishing Binding (on a wallet) from ChickenBoots on Vimeo.


How to Cut Bias Binding from ChickenBoots on Vimeo.

Sewing bias in to a Continuous Piece from ChickenBoots on Vimeo.




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