Accordion Circular Needle Case

Circular Needle Storage

     *Nine Pockets-each pocket holds more than one set and fits the original needle packages.
     *Elastic closure = flexible fit. As your Accordion grows, elastic grows with it.
     *A needle gauge fits inside a pocket.
     *Dimensions: 5" wide x 8" tall, closed. When full, the Accordion is 1.75" roughly.
     *Low-profile needle storage, tidy, easy to carry, secure. 

Needle storing tips:

      *Use one half for one length and the other half for another length (for example: the front half for 16" and the back half for 24")
      *When storing more than one set in each pocket, store non-similar sizes so it's easy to determine each size by feel. (for example: store your size 2s with your 8s).
      *Our Iron-on Labels can be carefully applied to the sides of each pocket.

We sometimes have more Accordions in our Throwback Fabric Sale here.

Learn about our Materials here.

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