Clear Wristlet

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Look mom! No hands!

We often hear from customers who don't know what they'd do without their Wristlet now that they've used one. It's just one of those bags you didn't know you needed.

Perfect for large or small projects. Keeps your yarn from rolling everywhere or perfect for knitting in tight spots or on the go. Asymmetrical pocket makes the contents more secure while the Wristlet is being worn.

*Square bottom, round top.

Measures 4.75" tall x 5" x 5"; Strap is 7.5" long (Half)

*Elastic opening top-never clip your yarn if you need to change bags mid-project.

*Great for travel, public crafting, walking and knitting/crocheting.

*Let your cat know who is the boss of that yarn!

Vinyl body holds it shape while making it lighter and more flexible to pack in to another bag. 

We sometimes have more Clear Wristlets in our Throwback Fabric Sale here. And here in our Harry Potter section!

Washable. Line dry.

Learn about our Materials here.

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