Fabric By YARD

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Please read! All sales are final. I'm not in the business of selling materials so bear with me. I may also need different shipping supplies.  None of the materials listed are above what I paid. Most are less.

Shipping will take a little longer than usual and I will NOT be shipping March 18th - 21st. I will be shipping 14- 16th and after the 22nd. Thanks.

Fabric is heavy. It is just the cost of doing business. Trust me, I've paid my fair share of it. ;)

I will refund excess shipping charges.

*Important Note! Some yardages are approximate. But I'm pretty darn good at estimating. I will not short an order- I will reach out to you first if there is an issue.*


By the whole yard, no increments. (But of course if you buy multiple yards they will be continuous). As these bolts get low the ends will be added to the By The Piece section.

Fabrics are photographed looking at the selvage. So the length grain is running parallel to the ruler. The entire width is not showing.

All fabrics are 44" width and 100% Cotton except the Yarn which is Linen/Cotton and 54" wide.

All fabrics are $5/yard except Spoonflower prints Knit, Purl, Dogs & Flowers and Rainbow which are $15/yd and Yarn is $24/yard.


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