**Diagon Alley**

**Loyalty. Friendship. Courage. Horcruxes or Hallows? How about a little Felix Felicis? Whatever your reason, welcome Harry Potter fan. All Houses and Muggles are welcome! Long Live Hogwarts!**

We present this year's offering of our Harry Potter fun. We love this time of year and definitely put a lot of work in to it. We could do this all year long. But. Muggles.

This year we honor the women of the magicking world-particularly Minerva McGonagall, Luna Lovegood and Hermione Granger. We have some new items in previous fabrics so you can add to your collection. And we couldn't pass up a little more Professor Snape and House Pride.


Hermione- !!!We found the long lost journal of Hermione Granger and are sharing excerpts on fabric! She loved to doodle, complain about her classmates, and anguish over missing classes while laid up in the hospital wing. This fabric was made as a collaboration with Saremy's sister, Laura (@paperedstars on Instagram), an avid journaler. The main fabric is printed on Canvas Twill and the lining on Cotton Poplin. Fabric designed by us.

Professor Snape- We 'Always' like to celebrate the potions master you either love to love, or love to hate. We have a few Yarn Sets dyed by Sincere Sheep in Potions in the Dungeon and the fabrics are lovely Doe Patronus on Canvas Twill lined with a Hallows print on Cotton Poplin. Or we have our Potions group of Mandrakes and Potion Fixin's both printed on Canvas Twill. Fabrics designed by smallpirates, stofftoy, and versodile.

Luna Lovegood- We brought back this enormous and wonderful print and tried our best to make other items with it using Canvas Twill. Lined with Spectra Specs in Cotton Poplin. Fabrics designed by meganroseharms and moonstoneelm.

Professor McGonagall- This subtle and powerful lady knows what she likes. We dressed her in a yarn-dyed Tartan (yarn-dyed means it was not printed but woven; this fabric is used for school uniforms) and lined it with Golden Snitches. Of course. Snitches designed by GloamingWilds.

House Pride- We bring back this amazing Illuminated Letter print on Canvas Twill and lined with house mascots on Cotton Poplin.We dedicate this year's offering to fan artists. Without their passion for their interest we wouldn't be able to create things from fabrics that further the love of these wonderful books. Fabrics designed by crystinawilliams and aliceelettrica.

Heroes & Villains- Of course we brought back this Heroes print and lucky for us the Villains was a new print this year. Printed on Canvas Twill. Fabrics designed by Helloquirky. These items are just the reverse of each other with different bindings.

*Many of these fabrics are no longer available. We received the last bit. So we apologize if you go look for them and cannot find them- we are sad too!*


 Check out our Product Listings (links below)  if you are unfamiliar with our Products or have a question about size, scale, function, or capacity. We selected our best-selling items. We created three new products- one in particular- to go with these fabrics. We worked hard to figure out how best to show off these fabrics hence why every item is not available in every fabric. Until next year, this is our Harry Potter offering! 

'New' (or not in line) Products:

Wallaby (Hermione's Journal)- This bag is a soft sided (no stiffener) but does have a nice body to it as it's inter-lined with organic cotton canvas. Two external pockets.  It is quite roomy holding about the same as our Project Bag since it doesn't have the divider and the pockets are about 4" x 5" in volume. Base measures 10" wide x 6", Height 9", 15" wide flat. A bit smaller than our Project Bag. $68

Sprinter Bag (House Pride)- Hybrid fabric and vinyl bag. Similar to the Charm Keeper but larger with a zippered exterior pocket. Bag measures 13" wide flat, 12" tall, base is 9.5" x 3.25". Pocket 5" tall and 12" wide. Webbing handle. Zippered opening. $52

Wee Charm Pouch (House Pride and hopefully other fabrics as well) - This little pouch was created to use every bit of this wonderful illuminated letter fabric. One side is see through, fabric side is lined. Approximately 5.5" square, zippered opening, and 2" loop. Only a few of these are available. $15

Soft Zip Double (McGonagall Plaid)- For the incognito Potter fan (or hybrid Outlander/Potter fan). Same dimensions as our Zip Double but has no stiffener or vinyl, and has one internal fabric pocket that zips shut. Line with solid organic cotton canvas. Soft, simple, and PLAID! $52

Stitch Markers Years 1-7: Set of seven. Each one represents a book. Shown on size 9 needles. This is a different set than last year. Made by A Needle Runs Through It just for us!

Zipper Pulls:  Specially made zipper pulls for each fabric by A Needle Runs Through It will be on all the Notions Cases and Notions Wedgies. Extras will be sold individually.

Luna or Snape Yarn and Bag Sets:

Comes with a Double Double and Yarn Set by Sincere Sheep: Each yarn set is 500 yards of 100% Cormo fingering weight yarn from 9 Mile Ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming and naturally dyed by Sincere Sheep. Colors: You're Just as Sane as I Am & Potions in the Dungeon. Each yarn set has 100 yards each of five different colors. Both are a gorgeous combination of colors representing both these fine individuals. $65


Radish Earrings,  Yarn and Pattern: 100% Cormo fingering weight yarn from 9 Mile Ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming and naturally dyed by Sincere Sheep. 10 yards each of three colors. (Enough to make more than one pair of earrings.) Includes printed pattern by Kira K Designs (fully tech-edited) and one pair of ear wires. $12

Snape's Memory Necklace, Yarn and Pattern: 100% Cormo fingering weight yarn from 9 Mile Ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming and naturally dyed by Sincere Sheep. 10 yards each of three colors. (Enough to make more than one pendant. Includes printed pattern by Kira K Designs (fully tech-edited) and one bail to hang your pendant. Chain not included. $12

We've removed all the group pictures so that there are fewer to sort through making it easier to see each individual product. If you search on Instagram #CBHP2017 you can see lots of group shots or just click/touch the hashtag.

For a description of our usual products try one of these links.: 

Stitch Marker Pouch  $13, Notions Case $20, Clear Wristlet $32,  Pocket Bucket $68, Zip Double $52, Charm Keeper $34, Notions Wedgie $24, Double Double $42

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