-July Egg Crate-

It's Always time for a little Magic...


In July we celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter, Newt Scamander and some of our favorite little beasties! It's all about the love of these magical critters! 

There will be sparkle, treasure, and magical mysteries!

Goodies will be from London, the USA, and Ukraine.

We'll have two sizes to choose from. The Head Hen comes with ALL the mystery goodies while the Teen Chick will come with all but one of the mystery goodies.

July's Egg Crate will be for sale on July 1st at noon Pacific Time and ships July 31st.

Our other Harry Potter offering at Diagon Alley will go on sale after Egg Crate-sign up for our regular email newsletter list to find out when these go on sale and when they ship. We most likely  CANNOT combine orders or shipping.

Accio July!



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