**March Egg Crate**

Chicken Boots

*Sign-ups are closed for March but we may add more of the Extras-stay tuned!*

 Hello March!

We're pleased as punch with our newest Egg Crate offering! Spring is peeking around the corner but succulents are a year 'round sport for me! They get me through the winter months and I love to over care for them(since they almost take care of their selves). Somehow I've started collecting cute containers for them. No apologies!

***Egg Crates always go on sale the first of every odd month and ship on the last day possible of the same month.***

Garden/Desk Tote:

Similar to our Pocket Bucket but smaller, no back pockets, plus a divider. Measures 7.5" tall at the front corner, almost 10" tall at the juncture of the strap to bag, 9.75" across the front side to side, 6.75" from front to back (exterior measurements). One pocket on each end and two gusseted pocket on front. Bow detail on handle. Canvas outer, cotton lining. As with all of our products, Garden Tote is 100% washable (no dryer).


10" tall by 24" wide. Straps are 34" long each- some may be able to tie the apron in front (Saremy and Rayann can-if that helps). Pockets are almost 8" deep. Three pockets: 4.5" wide, 9.75" wide and 9" wide. All are gusseted to be roomy yet secure. Entire apron is bound, and 100% washable. Canvas body with linen/cotton twill pocket and vinyl pocket.

We'd hoped to let you choose which apron you get but it's really complicated and would lead to 10 more products being listed and folks asking us for an apron from the Teen Chick category when theirs is sold out in Head Hen. We're sorry We know you'd like to pick but it's a busy month for us. How about we start a group in our Ravelry for exchanges between you? You can also write your first, second and third choices in the comments (do not choose express checkout if you want the comment box).

One of the 'Maker' Goodies is the Spoonflower fabric used on the apron. Each is designed by a different artist. In photo with chicken basket facing left. The artists are as follows, left to right: emilyannstudio, shopcabin, and juliabadeeva. In photo with chicken basket facing right, the artists are as follows, left to right: heidikinney, emmaallardsmith, and lamai.

We structured the Egg Crate in a similar fashion as last month:

Head Hen (BOTH sewn items by us plus all three goodies and free shipping. Value $140

Teen Chicken (Tote by us plus all three goodies) and free shipping. Value $105

Fuzzy Chick (Apron by us plus all three goodies). Value $60


One difference- ALL egg crates get ALL goodies. There is one fewer this month and these goodies cost a bit more than last time. They are truly special and specially made for you. Each maker is a pleasure to work with and support! These goodies come from California, the Ukraine, and Massachusetts. Value $38


We had a bit of fabric to use and decided on making some matching items in Chicken Boots products: Project Bags, Clear Wristlets and Notions Wedgies. Check out the usual product listings for further descriptions of these products. They will ship March 31st. They are not a part of Egg Crate so no mystery goodies come with these items.

Sign up on our newsletter to get announcements for Egg Crates! (Use the list in the Egg Crate tab). Follow our @EggCrateUSA Instagram for sneak peeks. We'll only reveal the items that we make and the theme. The goodies will be a mystery!


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