Needle Keepers

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Don't Knock Your Socks Off!

It's been awhile....but they're back!

This little gizmo keeps your work on your double pointed needles when you're not working on your project. Slip it on the ends of your needles when you need to set your project aside (it works like a bungi). Just toss it in your bag and your stitches will still be on your needles when you pick up your project again.

It's a simple little thing but it works great!

Two sizes:

Short: for needles up to 6"

Long" for needles  6" - 9"

Note: You wouldn't want to put a Short Needle Keeper on your longer needles for fear of bending your needles. Select the appropriate size. We have heard of folks tying a knot in the elastic of the longer length to shorten it.

(Needle Keepers do not work on circular needles).

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