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Annually we give a nod to Fall and the spookiest time of year by making a few of our popular items and atleast one or two not yet in our line. This year we bring you seven items made with some cute trick or treat inspiring fabric! Follow the links below to learn about the four products from our line that we have included and below those links see descriptions of the three items we have not yet added to the line.

Product Details:  Stitch Marker Pouch,  Pattern Holder , Charm KeeperNotions Wedgie (Wedgie comes with spooky zipper pull (not pictured).)

Charm Pouch: We made this little pouch for our annual Harry Potter event to utilize some leftover fabric of a particularly fussy to cut print. But the response was quite amazing and a few of you request it! It is 6" square, clear on one side with a 2" loop. Zips shut. Similar in volume to our Notions Case but soft sided and flexible so it can hold a bit more. Comes with spooky zipper pull (not pictured). Comes with spooky zipper pull (not pictured).

*Sold Out* Sprinter: The Sprinter is a large version of the Charm Keeper but with a zippered pocket. It has a webbing handle, bound seams and top zip opening. Measuring 12" tall with a base of 3.5" x 9.5". Opening is 12" . Holds a 10" Q-Snap for cross-stitch.

Candy Clutch: We made these a few years ago! It's identical to our Notions Case but taller at about 6" in height. A comparison photo is included with our standard Notions Case on top of the Candy Clutch (bottom left photo). Comes with spooky zipper pull (not pictured).

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