Stitch Markers

Give as a gift with one of our Stitch Marker Pouches or add these useful bobs to your own project. Made in the USA by Knitifacts and A Needle Runs Through It and Jennie the Potter.

Ringlets: Set of 20, Fit up to US 7-8 needle (or 4.5-5 mm), Low profile and very sturdy.

RingersSet of 20, Fit up to US 10.5 needle (or 6.5 mm), Low profile and very sturdy.

Cell Phone Plug: Attach your stitch markers to this cell phone plug in any headphone jack. Keeps dust out of your headphone jack and keeps your stitch markers handy. Includes a coil-less bulb pin to attach your markers. Or decorate your phone with a pretty dangly bob from your own stash. 

Helpful Reminders: Set of 5: SSK, KTOG, K1FB, M1R, M1L

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