The Pin Up

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Shawl Pins. Enamel Pins. Hair Pins. Tie Tacks. Buttons. Brooches. 

We all have a few precious items we just don't use often enough. Most likely because they're out of sight because we have put them some place 'safe'.

The Pin Up keeps all your pin-ables up, organized, safe and in plain sight. You can hang it on a door knob, closet dowel, or coat hook.- wherever you like.

Ribbon measures 1" wide and is double layered (front is a rustic diamond stitched ribbon and back is a grosgrain). There is also two strips of ribbon to use doubling the capacity- you can pin on the back and the front. Approximately 32" of pin-able surface. 

Simple, sturdy and trustworthy. You'll be shocked at all the little items you have to hang on this saucy number.

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