**Summer Seconds Sale**

(All sales final on these gems). For more sale items, see our Throwback Fabric Sale

We've been saving up a few items for you! Most of these are 100% A-Ok. Others have minor flaws that probably you won't notice. In many cases we just used our regular photo since the flaw won't show up and is in the title if it's notable. To learn about any of these products, check their normal product listings.

Read Below carefully for some important notes on some items.

For the Bees Single Cases and Pupcake Double Interchangeable Case: These were sewing samples/training samples. They are pretty good but extremely thready! They'll take some trimming but we deep discounted them to accommodate your time snipping the threads.

For the Big Kitty Single Cases: Sometimes a mistake happens. And then it happens on ALL of our items in one fabric. Fun times!! These cases are perfect in every way...except the clear notions case usually on the back of these was sewn on the front. oops. *sad kitty face*

 For items currently not on our website a brief description is below: 

Libra Yarn Draw- 10" tall by 9" wide, simple drawstring bag.

Wallet: These are from our first Egg Crate this year. about 4" square when folded. Fits bills and cards. Zippered coin pouch.

Handled Box in Knit: A fun trial or reminder that not all idea turn out how we envisioned. 4.5" tall, 5" wide, 8.5" long.


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